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Dont Burn Our ForestsRight now, Congress is trying to pass an Energy Bill that’s full of giveaways to the timber industry. It would tell Environmental Protection Agency scientists to pretend that burning trees for fuel doesn’t hurt the climate. 

The bill could advance to conference any day now, but we can still block it. We need you to tell your Senators to stand up for our forests, not the timber industry!

Tell your Senators that turning our forests into fuel is a terrible plan!

This Energy Bill undermines climate scientists everywhere. The science is clear that burning our forests doesn’t help anyone but the timber industry. The Senate Energy Bill directs scientists to pretend that’s not true.    

That’s right. The Senate — full of climate deniers who claim they’re “not scientists” — is trying to dictate our science policy. And some of our biggest climate champions went along with it.  

If we let them get away with this, what’s next? Will Congress declare that coal is greenhouse gas-free?

We need your help to stop this before it becomes the new normal! 

Tell your Senators: Don’t undermine climate scientists!

The science is clear: Burning forests for electricity hurts biodiversity, belches toxic chemicals, and contributes to climate change. It produces a lot of carbon — almost 50 percent more than coal for the same amount of electricity. But the Senate is telling the EPA to pretend that those emissions simply don’t exist.

Our Senators are spitting out timber industry talking points to greenwash this dirty energy source! We cannot let our elected officials ignore science just because it’s politically inconvenient. 

Tell your Senators: Ignoring science is not okay!

This is a question of scientific integrity. The Senate and the timber industry want everyone to believe that burning wood is a renewable, carbon-free source of energy — which is completely false.

Our biggest climate champions have refused to speak out against this lie. Why? Because burning whole trees for power could mean billions of dollars in the pockets of the timber industry — and more campaign contributions — at the expense of our air, our health, and our climate.   

Act NOW and don’t let your Senators sell out our forests to the timber industry!

We can still stop the Senate’s dirty Energy Bill from becoming law. But the timber industry isn’t going to give up easily. They are already eyeing the appropriations process as an opportunity to stop us from considering their climate impacts. We need your help to tell your elected officials to stand up for science.

Stand up for our forests and our climate and tell your Senators not to give in to the timber industry!