An Indigenous Environmental Network Campaign to Defend, Protect, and Renew the inherent Rights of Mother Earth based on Natural Law and Our Original Instructions


We reject the efforts by the biotech, agriculture, biofuel/biomass industries, governments and their agencies to commodify trees for commercial use at the expense of the earth’s delicate biodiversity and climate stability.

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The monopolization of land and water to grow GE trees to replace a fraction of the fossil fuels needed as energy demands increase will worsen human rights abuses and intensify global water, food, and climate crises.


GE trees are part of the commodification of nature and a component of carbon trading / carbon offsets and will  further displace Indigenous and front-line and traditional communities worldwide.


GE trees do not belong in the complex ecosystem as they have been forcibly contaminated with genetic material from totally unrelated lifeforms. Altering them in this way violates natural law.

GE trees pose a very real and significant threat to our natural forests and all Life on Mother Earth. Genetic engineering violates Indigenous peoples’ fundamental rights to live in harmony with nature and to practice our cultural and spiritual beliefs in recognition of the Natural Laws of Creation. The propagation and use of GE trees as a natural resource and commodity for increased pulp and energy production will compromise and destroy the delicate regenerative biodiversity and life-cycles of Mother Earth.


This is NOT a forest! Nothing truly alive lives here.

This is NOT a forest! Nothing truly alive lives here.

The growing of GE trees is a risk towards: The Rights of Mother Earth; land tenure and subsistence rights of Indigenous Peoples; depletion of precious ground water reserves; increases the use of deadly herbicides and pesticides; continues the release of greenhouse gas emissions and microscopic pollutants; and are a false solution towards mitigating climate change.

Biomass energy and liquid fuels production are two of the major uses planned for genetically engineered trees.


Harvesting the wood... NOT sustainable - NOT Green Photo Credit: World Rainforest Movement

Harvesting the wood… NOT sustainable – NOT Green Photo Credit: World Rainforest Movement

Legislation and acts currently being considered and making their way through the government process, include language that, on the surface, would seem to give tribal governments more control over forest management and energy production on tribal trust lands. In reality, the language is purposely vague and leaves the door open for the continued exploitation of fossil fuel and mineral resources which now, if not stopped, will include growing genetically engineered trees to fuel the new bioenergy and consumer pulp economy.