Regulatory agencies like EPA, USDA, and FDA are, or WERE created to protect against damaging materials and processes from harming human health and our environment that sustains all life…but this isn’t what’s happening!

Let’s be really clear here, Bayer bought a company that has dealt in the death of nature/biodiversity as we know it for decades but they aren’t the only ones guilty of dealing in chemicals that should never have been created in the first place and widely used as they have been since the time of discovery.

These chemicals are being used to not only control agriculture’s so-called pests and competing plant life but to hold patents on seeds whereby they dictate what can and can’t be grown which is a violation of our right to food security and our sovereignty.

Below is a collection of videos and articles that clearly show how genetic engineering and the proliferation of chemicals used widely across the world have gone largely unchallenged except for the efforts of NGOs and front line citizen groups. It’s clear however that more must be done to stop using these chemicals and ban GMOs now or we will most likely witness the total collapse of nature as we’ve known it – that is before the so-called modern age.

There are videos chronicling the disappearance of more than 60% of insect life to date – well 60% since we’ve been keeping track….

One pesticide in particular has been proven to be responsible for the collapse of entire ecosystems where this chemical has been used – and even though Bayer attempted to block these studies/proof of the devastation scientists/toxicologists published their findings anyway. We can only assume because of the severity of the affects.

Approvals for these chemicals/poisons are almost completely controlled by manufacturers like Bayer. And these corporations publish so-called reports that dispute the findings of independent scientists and use different kinds of influence operations with farmers, bee keepers, and government officials. Read: Spinning the Science and you can download a copy in pdf format here.

As Puerto Rican people continue to suffer from devastating hurricanes of which destroyed all of their infrastructure, Monsanto/Bayer has bribed government to allow them to use their lands for research and production of genetically engineered plants and to test pesticides and herbicides to the detriment of the people and biodiversity of this island country.

Dena Takruri gets rare access inside Monsanto’s Puerto Rico operation, where they get huge tax breaks to test and grow GMO seeds. Meanwhile, thousands of plaintiffs across the U.S. are suing the corporation, claiming that its weedkiller Roundup has caused cancer. In Puerto Rico, locals are blaming Monsanto for getting them sick.

Scientists in France also analyzed mass bee deaths and likewise identified an insecticide made by Bayer as the culprit. Toxicologist Jean-Marc Bonmatin reveals how the company then sought to prevent the results from being published. Meanwhile, toxicologists in Japan discovered that neonicotinoids also harm other creatures, such as fish and river crabs. There too, Bayer sought to suppress publication.

Insecticides are sometimes necessary in farming. But some substances, like neonicotinoids, kill not only pests but bees as well. Now the Bayer Group, one of the main manufacturers of these pesticides, is coming under pressure.

Scientists around the world have found that neonicotinoids are the main cause of mass bee deaths. Research has shown that a number of insecticides should have been banned long ago. For years, the Bayer Group has sought to silence the critics and pressure scientists into not publishing their findings.

For more than two decades, experts have been warning of the negative effects of neonicotinoids, with a whole range of studies published on the subject. It would appear that the industry, aided by the authorities, managed to successfully delay any ban on these substances for years. Studies show that neonicotinoids not only kill pests, but also bees and other beneficial insects. Dutch toxicologist Henk Tennekes was among the first to recognize the problem. He believes neonicotinoids are the most toxic insecticides ever produced. He discovered a study carried out by Bayer itself, back in 1991, which found that a particular neonicotinoid had a negative effect on the nervous system of a fly species. These effects were said to be “irreversible”. Tennekes then confronted the company with his findings. He was taken aback by the response: “Bayer now claims” he says, “that the binding of critical receptors in the nervous system by neonicotinoids is reversible. So they’re contradicting the results of their own study. … If they had considered what impact this substance has, they would have had to take it off the market.”

Insects are dying out and scientists and environmentalists are sounding the alarm. Our film team meets entomologists, farmers, scientists, chemical companies and politicians in a bid to lay bare the causes of insect mortality. Insects aren’t really likeable. They sting, bite, transmit diseases and frighten children. But, on the other hand, they are also fascinating: 480 million years ago, insects were the first animals to learn to fly, and they took over the Earth. Even now, they are fundamental to life on Earth, and are at the beginning of the food chain on which all human beings are ultimately dependent. But insect numbers worldwide are dropping, creating a rupture of the food chain. Environmentalists and scientists are now extremely worried.

Landscape ecology professor Alexandra-Maria Klein from Freiburg, for example, has been researching the effects of human interventions in natural environments for decades and has launched an experiment in a fruit plantation on Lake Constance: What happens when insects disappear? An ominous silence is settling on places that were once humming and buzzing. Why are the insects dying? Author Christoph Würzburger takes a journey into the fascinating world of insects and meets entomologists, farmers, scientists, chemical companies and politicians in a search for the causes of insect mortality.


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Militarizing Agriculture!! Monsanto Roundup, GMOs and Pesticides

Is the Monsanto company responsible for industrial-chemical agriculture? Be one of the first 200 people to sign up with this link and get 20% off your subscription with! In this Our Changing Climate environmental video essay, I look at the industrial agriculture and multinational food and seed corporation Monsanto, which is now owned by the company Bayer. Specifically, this video looks at how Monsanto and now Bayer continue to profit off of and perpetuate a toxic chemical and industrialized farm system through their food empire. I look at how Monsanto continues to sell glyphosate or Roundup despite the overwhelming evidence and lawsuits showing it’s harmful effects on humans and animals. Monsanto and Bayer along with three other seed companies now control over 60% of the seed market by patenting GMO seeds. GMO seeds sold by Monsanto have led to increased industrialization and ultimately increased costs in rural areas. Monsanto has essentially created a food empire based on control of GMO seeds, toxic chemicals like neonicotinoids and Roundup glyphosate, and high costs systems that unsustainable for the earth, humans, and the pocketbooks of farmers.

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An interview where Vandana outlines the role of Bill Gates in promoting and continuing the militarization and industrialization that is destroying biodiversity as they consolidate power and control over the natural world.